Lamirah Fashion Academy


My experience at Lamirah fashion academy was indeed an educative and enlightening one. I always wanted to learn unique fashion styles in a conducive environment and Lamirah fashion academy provided just that. With its strategic location in in the heart of Abuja, the Federal capital of Nigeria, it is easily accessible and packed with well trained staff to deliver the best services. I left there equipped with the knowledge on how to make all types of design with the basic skills learnt. I highly recommend Lamirah fashion academy to anyone within and outside Nigeria who wish to learn basic and complex designs. Cheers!
Rebecca Asiegbu
I had a great time at the Lamirah fashion academy. I participated in the 6 weeks beginners course and it was fantastic. Her teachings were simple with illustrations and she took her time to explain everything in details. What baffled me was that she was so calm and could go back over and over again to explain to you if you didn't understand. In such a short time, I was able to learn the basics and with the basics, I have actually been able to pull through. Now, I can sew quite a number of things on my own. Thank you Lamirah fashion academy for giving me the right footing to the fashion world.
Christiana Tswanya.
Lamirah fashion academy has made my dream of becoming a fashion designer came to reality. It was an awesome experience with you. You are an amazing teacher, a patient instructor and very caring. Thank you for all your doing.
Maryam Kantoma
Lamirah fashion academy simplifies the process of learning fashion designing with zero knowledge about the skill and you move from a novice to a professional in such a short period of time.
Victoria Odoyi
I attended a 6-weeks beginners course at Lamirah fashion academy and I must say that I absolutely loved it. The classes were well detailed and easy to follow and understand. Not only did I learn how to sew extremely well in a short period of time, I also learnt how to make high quality finishing techniques on every garment which makes your design more beautiful and classy. There was also a sense of community there. Lamirah is a fantastic teacher, very patient, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and encouraging and fun to work with. She is very well paced and clear in her instructions and demonstrations. I am definitely going to attend more courses and trainings there. Lamirah fashion academy is simply the best.
Stephanie Abedo-Osuagwu.
I was once a student at the Lamirah fashion academy and I must say there would have not been a better place for me to train than Lamirah fashion because I got all I wanted to learn in the fashion industry. I was fulfilled and satisfied by their method of teaching. I spent 3 months to learn how to sew both male and female dresses, even in that 3 months, it was 3 times in a week, 4 hours each day. If someone could calculate, that means, I spent roughly 36 days to learn unisex dresses. If you really want to learn sewing to meet standard, I recommend you attend Lamirah fashion academy and I assure you won't feel disappointed. Thank you.
Yewati Sabastine.
I love Lamirah fashion academy because she provides so many unique and exciting opportunities for younger students wanting to learn and grow their designs and sewing techniques. There's always such a wonderful variety of classes, workshops that enables the students to grow. The tutors are caring and incredibly capable bringing out the most wonderful energy, warmth, enthusiasm and passion to all that they do at Lamirah fashion academy and I get to use great quality equipment having the opportunity to work with a machine, thus giving us the chance to be creative. The school environment superb. It's truly a place to be and I strongly recommend her to prospective students.
Stella - Accra Ghana.
Lamirah fashion academy is the best fashion school in Abuja. I am thankful that I attended this school because I learnt so much and now I am also a fashion teacher at sleektrendsfashionacademy. Can you beat that?
Janet Achomhi.
Lamirah fashion school is one place you can go and be sure to get value for your money. She breaks down every topic such that even a novice will have no hard time grasping the concepts.Amazingly, my sewing skills have gone up several notches in just a couple of months. One good thing I like about L'Amirah is her use of the appropriate terminologies of fashion. So, you can be sure to communicate with clients from any part of the world without sounding local.
Craft genius club.
Lamirah fashion academy is a place to be. Learning was made so easy. The experience was wow. I am proud to be an alumni of LFA.
Arikawe Adeola.
I want to say a very big thank you to Lamirah fashion academy for all the skills, I have acquired in the field of fashion, the confidence to sew for any level of client, the ability to know which fabric can go for any style and also that perfect finishing that, speaks volume about my design. I wanna, say thank you.... I am really grateful
Mbonu Joy
Learning fashion design at LAMIRAH was quite interesting for me. The environment was so friendly and they are always ready to put you through when you encounter any challenges. LAMIRAH FASHION ACADEMY made me a proud fashion designer.
Vivian Ogbata
I had good experiences at Lamirah fashion academy, no regret whatsoever going there for my learning fashion. I am so glad I chose Lamirah fashion academy.
Aganbi Vera
Lamirah fashion academy is a place to define your fashion career.
Ambrose Aloeye
I love everything about Lamirah fashion academy. The patience from the tutors is 110% and the comfortable classroom too. I love my experience at Lamirah fashion academy and I am glad I studied there.
Oni Shallom.
Lamirah fashion academy offers you a conducive environment for learning and also impact you with the necessary skills for trading in the fashion industry. With an amiable trainer like madam Lamirah, your skill acquisition is sure.
Chioma Nwosu
Top notch learning services and enthusiasm from the tutors, wonderful work space too. You are sure to get the best experience from here for real and I am speaking from experience. Look no further, the best place to learn how to sew and become a great fashion designer. No regrets.
Ufuoma Ojarikre.
It's a great place to learn and also perfect in fashion as a beginner, intermediate or professional in the fashion industry. I had an excellent practical experience...... You should give them a try.
Judith Tony-Nwadinigwe
Lamirah fashion academy is a place to be, has all it takes to make you a professional fashion designer. I remember when I went there for the first time, I didn't even know how to thread a machine, by the time I was through, I became a pro in pattern drafting and garment construction. Thanks Lamirah fashion academy, I really appreciate.
Tochi Omereji.
My experience at Lamirah fashion academy was productive and economically uplifted my knowledge in fashion design. Lamirah fashion gives opportunity to upcoming fashion designers and its a place to be.
Mary Yakubu
I joined Lamirah fashion academy 2 years ago and I learnt so much, from how to take accurate measurements to dress finishing. With access to good quality machines and very experienced tutors. I learnt so many new techniques. The school has a lovely atmosphere. I looked forward to every lesson and I always leave with something made to a high standard
Juliet Wahab
My experience so far has been amazing.... with the friendly environment and my lecturer herself is really amazing and very accommodating.... Interesting journey so far.
Joy Michael
Lamirah fashion academy is a wonderful place to be, friendly learning environment. She's so patient with her students, she really wants you to learn that which you have paid for no matter your level at learning. I came to Lamirah fashion academy with zero knowledge about fashion and I am so glad at how good I have become. Thank you Lamirah. Thank you for being patient with me. You're so amazing!!!!!
Akpamgbo Sophia
I'm a proud alumni of Lamirah fashion academy. Through the dedicated tutoring I got there, I was able to navigate the ever growing fashion industry with less stress. I learnt the basic and advanced techniques of pattern drafting which has been so useful in creating and tailoring designs with accuracy.....
Enoto Enoto
Amazing and kind hearted fashion designer and teacher. You should DEFINITELY patronize her. I am glad I did.
Visageparfait makeup pro
Lamirah fashion academy my Alma-mata. The best among the rest. I am a proud designer today is because of her.
Okpara Theresa
I enjoyed my time here, it was fun. The instructors are warm, professional and detailed oriented. I learnt a lot in just 3 months and didn't want to leave after lol. You go in an amateur and come out bursting with so much confidence and skills to back it up. I have recommended Lamirah fashion academy to so many people and will continue to do so.
Jennifer Chuta
If you come to Lamirah fashion academy and leave after a month without knowing how to sew beautiful outfits, just know your village people used your brain to play football, yea she is great like that. I am glad I joined the academy, no regret whatsoever
Sandra Ibrahim.
A wonderful place to make your fashion dreams come through.
Chukwunedu Amaka
Lamirah fashion academy is a place to be because of their uniqueness and professionalism. They have Serene environment for learning and very dedicated to their work. With Lamirah fashion academy, you are sure to always stand out with your styles.
Agoni Anita
As an alumni of Lamirah fashion academy, I am very proud to say today I run my very own fashion business all because of the knowledge I have acquired from Lamirah. I will recommend Lamirah fashion academy to anyone interested in fashion
Istifanus Joy
I enjoyed the conducive learning environment and was able to learn within a short time with so much ease. Blessing Otono 33. Hmmm, me of all people. Never ever imagined I will be able to do anything with machine but for your tutelage, I am able to. Love you for your humility, patience and care. May the Lord bless you and may you and yours never lack for any good thing.
Chalya Khumzi
Lamirah fashion academy is a very conducive place for learning all about fashion especially styling etc. The mode of impacting knowledge has made a novice like me in the fashion world almost a professional and most importantly very much affordable. I salute the convener (Mrs Williams) for a job well done. It's worth every dime invested. I am grateful
Emeka Iheanacho