Lamirah Fashion Academy


Top notch learning services and enthusiasm from the tutors, wonderful work space too. You're sure to get the best experience from here for real, and I'm speaking from experience. Look no further, this the best place to learn how to sew and become a great fashion designer, no regrets.
Ufoma Ojarikre
L'amirah Fashion Academy offers you a conducive environment for learning and also impact you with the necessary skills for trading in the fashion industry. With an amiable trainer like Madam Lamirah, your skill acquisition is sure.
Chioma Nwosu
L'amirah fashion Academy a place to be, has all it takes to make you a professional fashion designer. I remember when I went there for the first time I didn't even know how to thread a machine, by the time I was through I became a pro in pattern drafting and garment construction. Thanks Lamirah fashion Academy I really appreciate.'
Tochi Omereji
I'm a proud alumni of Lamirah Fashion Academy..Through the dedicated tutoring i got here, i was able to navigate the ever growing fashion industry with less stress..i learnt the basic and advance techniques of pattern drafting which has been so useful in creating and tailoring designs with accuracy...
Enoto Enoto
L'Amirah Fashion school is one place you can go and be sure to get value for your money. She breaks down every topic such that even a novice will have no hard time grasping the concepts.Amazingly, my sewing skills have gone up several notches in just a couple of months 💃💃💃. One good thing I like about L'Amirah is her use of the appropriate terminologies of fashion. So, you can be sure to communicate with clients from any part of the world without sounding 'local'😁.
Craft Genius Club
It’s a great place to learn and also perfect in fashion as a beginner, intermediate or professional in the fashion industry. I had an excellent practical experience..... you should give them a try!!!!
Judith Akalonu
Lamirah fashion academy is a place to be because of their uniqueness and professionalism. They have serene environment for learning and very dedicated to their work. With lamirah academy, you are sure to always stand out with your styles.
Agoni Anita
If you come to Lamirah fashion Academy and leave after a month without knowing how to sew beautiful outfits,just know ur village people used ur brain to play football 🤣🤣🤣,yea she is great like that.Am glad I joined the academy,no regret whatsoever.
Sandra Ibrahim
L’amirah fashion Academy, My alma-mater The best among the rest I’m a proud designer today is because of L'amirah😊
Okpara Theresa
I love everything about L'amirah. The patience from the tutors is 110%, and the comfortable classroom too, I love my experience at L'amirah and I'm glad I studied there.❤❤❤❤
Oni Shalom
My experience in Lamira Fashion was productive and economically up lifted my knowledge in fashion design.Lamira fashion give oppurtunity to be up coming designers and it's a place to be.
Mary Yakubu
As an alumni of lamirah fashion academy I am very proud to say today I run my very own fashion business all because of the knowledge I have acquired from lamirah.i will recommend lamirah fashion academy to anyone interested in fashion.
Istifanus Joy