Lamirah Fashion Academy

At Lamirah fashion academy, we offer a range of programs from the basic, intermediate and advanced level. We also offer personalized programs where an individual may be seeking solutions to understanding an aspect of fashion design.

Our Courses At A Glance


The basic fashion design also known as the beginners program’s duration is six (6) weeks where students are exposed to the following :

  1. How to read the measuring tape and take accurate measurements
  2. Study on the different types of sewing machines, troubleshooting and parts of the sewing machines.
  3. How to draft the basic slopers- basic bodice, basic skirt and basic sleeve pattern
  4. Construction of the basic slopers
  5. Adaptation of the basic skirt sloper into different skirt garment patterns.
  6. A-line skirt, flared skirt, narrow hem/wedge skirt, gathered skirt, pleated skirt
  7. Adaptation of the basic bodice patterns into different bodice garment patterns
  8. Batwing tops, kimono, Iro and buba
  9. Basic shift and sheath dresses
  10. Sleeve pattern adaptation
  11. Project Defense

Also, students are taught the shapes and sizes of women, basic fashion illustration. Homework are assigned to students in order to build their experience. And many more that we are unable to capture here.
The basic/beginners program runs for 2 months and it costs fifty thousand naira (₦50,000.00).



At this level, students are several steps ahead of the beginners course. Here, their confidence level is greatly improved. They are taught the following but not limited to it.

  1. How to draft and sew the princess dart bustier blouse.
  2. Drafting and constructing the peplum blouse (360° and 720°)
  3. Drafting and constructing panel skirt (6pieces and 8 pieces)
  4. Drafting, cutting and constructing a Shawl collar jacket.
  5. Construction of exaggerated sleeves
  6. Creating designs, use of trims and notions, other accessories for garment Embellishments
  7. How to cut and sew the traditional blouse.
  8. Drafting and constructing the off-shoulder blouse.
  9. Drafting, cutting and sewing the wrap blouse / dress
  10. Drafting and constructing the trousers /pant patterns and its variations (narrow hem, palazzo, flared and straight patterns)
  11. Drafting and sewing kaftan dresses
  12. Drafting, sewing and constructing the tier/Caribbean skirt
  13. Project Defense
The advanced program runs for two (2) months and it costs seventy thousand naira (₦70,000)


At this level, students are taught the following:

  1. Fashion Business
  2. Drafting, construction and application of Cones on garments
  3. Drafting, sewing and construction of jumpsuit
  4. Drafting and construction of shirt pattern
  5. Drafting and constructing panel blouse and dress ( 6pieces and 8 pieces)
  6. Drafting the Corset /bustier top
  7. Drafting and sewing the Tube dress
  8. Learning more elaborate sleeves
  9. Drafting, sewing and constructing the Mermaid dress with godet attachments
  10. Notched collar jacket draft and construction
  11. Wedding second dresses draft and construction
  12. Bridesmaids, dinner and red carpet dresses draft and construction
  13. Project defense
  14. Runway Fashion Show
The diploma program runs for 2 months and it costs ninety thousand naira (100,000)

It is expected that a student owns a sewing machine to enhance effectiveness in the classroom teachings.
We also offer part time program, crashed program and kiddies course.


Here, students are exposed to learning an array of kids garments and understand their sizes for different age range.

  1. Learning how to take accurate measurements for kids and the use of their size chart
  2. Drafting basic bodice block for kids
  3. Drafting and calculating the amount of tulle for a ball dress
  4. Understanding the concept of 360°and 720° full circle flare for kids’ dresses
  5. Achieving a perfect inseam finishing and how to attach a crinoline
  6. Drafting and understanding the sleeve pattern for kids and its adaptations
  7. Drafting, cutting and construction of rompers and playsuits
  8. Creating designs, use of trims and notions, other accessories for kids garment embellishments
  9. Understanding fullness and its application on kids clothing
  10. Project Defense