Lamirah Fashion Academy

About Us

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Our mission is to produce excellent, exceptional and distinctive fashion designers who are not afraid of the competitive fashion world but are brainchild of innovative fashion products and ever changing designs that are readily sort after. Students should care about the fashion school and its effectiveness in converting their raw talents into sophistication; this was the drive to establish L'amirah fashion academy to bridge this gap. Looking to choose a fashion school whose interest is to develop, enhance and fine tune your fashion design passion, look no further, make lamirah fashion academy your choice. This unique academy was established in 2010 with the sole aim to learn the art of fashion design where students are armed with the relevant design skill set in a short space of time with results evident in a profitable and sustainable fashion business.
We adopt the one-on-one teaching approach where we maximize the strength of the student by working with level/pace of understanding in order to achieve the desired results. This has worked for over the year.
Also, our instructors are grounded in the knowledge of fashion design and they have the ability to greatly impact the knowledge to students. In addition, they have the empathic skill, patience, high level of tolerance, humble and jovial. All these put together makes our students become successful fashion entrepreneurs. We all know that the fashion industry is huge, competitive, ever evolving and highly profitable. We do not rest on our oars knowing that we are always ready to change and adapt to the needs of the fashion industry.


Our services are offered to that little girl who needs to be caught young and her talent developed, fine tuned and turning that raw talent of designing into an enviable fashion empire, that junior and senior school leaver who needs to be guided through the process of growing a successful fashion business, that corporate woman who's got a career and needs to build her own fashion business and the desire to begin her entrepreneural journey , that retiree who needs to put her time to producing beautiful garments, that woman who is waiting to get a job and maybe just a try in learning the art of sewing and she finds herself owning a fashion business. We pride ourselves in the success of our Alumni who have been able to pitch thriving fashion business and still yearn for more. Our services has spun across training individuals, groups in the likes of the skill acquisition segment of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Family Worship Center (FWC), our annually skill acquisition program which is a brainchild of Lamirah fashion academy tagged October Rush held in the month of October and so many other participative activities. We inspire and empower budding fashion enthusiasts who have zero knowledge of the technical and business know-how, those who are already fashion designers but need to upgrade their skills in either sewing or the business aspect and those who need to build their clothing line and needs expertise knowledge on how to proceed.