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L'amirah Fashion is an Academy, for aspiring fashion designers

 More often than not, students tend to mix up passion for a particular skill especially the skill of fashion design and the ability to convert it into commercial relevance.

At L’amirah fashion academy, we’re not just passionate, we have the expertise to direct students into fitting and outstand in the ever evolving fashion world using modern design techniques and practical one-on-one approach teaching method. Our programs are structured and comprehensive.

Looking to get a career in fashion design, L’amirah fashion academy is your best bet.

What we do:

L’amirah Fashion Academy is a private vocational school and Garment Production Workshop based In Abuja, Nigeria.

Our services are offered that little girl who needs to be caught young and her talent developed, fine tuned and turning that raw talent of designing into an enviable fashion empire, that junior and senior school leaver who needs to be guided through the process of growing a successful fashion business, that corporate woman who’s got a career and needs to build her own fashion business and the desire to begin her entrepreneural journey

Our programmes

At Lamirah fashion academy, we offer a range of programs from the basic, intermediate and advanced level. We also offer personalized programs where an individual may be seeking solutions to understanding an aspect of fashion design.


The basic program gives ample time and space to students who are new to the world of fashion design and those who need to unlearn and correct some design errors by righting the wrongs on the structure built without having the ground knowledge of fashion design. :... Read more


At this stage, students at Lamirah fashion academy are already hitting the ground running in their fashion design entrepreneural journey. Here are a list of the course schedule and more... Read more


At this stage, students are more confident than ever before and are even visualizing and working on their strengths on the business side of fashion..... Read more

Certificates are issued to students who have successfully completed their program at each level. Completion of assignments, at least 70% punctuality, completion of project at the end of course are determining factors in issuing certificates.

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